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    r too much about him for my peace of mind. But tell me, how did you manage to ascertain the fellow's proper name?" "That, of course, we got from Stevens," Walter explained. "Silva is in England ostensibly as a music hall artist; in other words, he is Valdo, the flying man that I t

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    old you about a little time ago. But don't you think we are getting rather from the point, uncle? I want to know the history of this man." Once more Ravenspur commenced his walk up and down the room. He seemed to be hovering between two minds. "Perhaps it would be wiser if I we

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    re to tell you everything," he said. "I did not intend to do so, but to a certain extent you have forced my hand, and it would be much more prudent for you to know where you stand. You asked me just now what I knew of this man Silva. Eighteen years ago he was in the employ of a great

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friend of mine, Count Boris Flavio. My unfortunate friend is forgotten now, but at the time of which I am speaking he enjoyed almost a European reput

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ation. To begin with, he was an exceedingly rich man. He had one of the most beautiful places on the Continent, situated not far from Florence. Had he bee

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n poor, Flavio would have shone in any line he chose to take up. He was a fine artist, a notable sculptor, and one or two of his books

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attracted great attention. In addition to this, he had few rivals as an all-round sportsman. His conversation was brilliant, his appearance and manners lef

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t nothing to be desired. Out of the scores of notable men I have met in my time, there is not one of them to whom I was so deeply attached as I was to Boris Flavio. His views, his sympathies, his extraordinary


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